School Counselor

A School Counselor’s Second Year

Has it really been a little over two years since my last post?

You’re probably wondering what happened that blogging plummeted to the bottom of my list of priorities. In short, LIFE. I transitioned into education shortly after receiving my M.Ed. and worked for a year as a cluster substitute at an alternative middle school in South Boston, while looking for a position as a school counselor.

Mid-way through that school year we (me and the staff) learned that Boston Public Schools had slated our school for closure. This school had served Boston’s most academically at-risk students for nearly fifteen years. Quite frankly it was a depressing process to live through as members of the community whose children benefited from the school’s individualized support came to voice their support of the program and fear of losing the school.

During that period of uncertainty a school counseling position opened up at the middle school where I’d completed my prepracticum, practicum, and internship. It was my dream job. I’d get to work close to home with a diverse student population and staff I knew, enjoying a school culture I’d grown to love during my time, there.

The hiring process was grueling. First having to handwrite an email response in Spanish to prove I could communicate with our Spanish-speaking families. Then walking into a room where eight familiar faces waited to interview me. Ay yay yay. Through the grace of God, I got the job.

I’m embarking on my second year, following my 250+ 6th grade students from last year into the 7th grade. I’ve never been so tired in all my life. But you wanna know what? I love every harried and challenging minute of it.

Here’s a peek at my new office…

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